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Digital Operations for Energy & Utility Business

ODI agile platform for digital operations

Digital technologies foster connecting, collaborating, and unified communications

The digital revolution is dramatically transforming every industry, every business is or soon will be a digital business. The operations centers that enable and support business internally or externally must be digital as well.

Built on its innovative ODI (Object Data Interpretation) technology, Direct Focus Software agile platform provides an ideal tool for creating a true digital operations environment that improves operational efficiency through operational support, analytics, predictive maintenance, optimization, and control.

Automated digital operation process

ODI agile workflow component comprises a comprehensive set of collaborative, role-based capabilities that help operation team model, simulate, execute, rapidly change, monitor and optimize core operation processes. Their core focus is on automating manual, repetitive work. Making intelligent decision to do the same work more efficiently and accurately frees up human labor to tackle more challenging tasks.

Anytime, anywhere digital insight

ODI agile platform enables high-volume, high-velocity analytics to deliver insights that can drive competitive advantage. Analytics visualizes and interprets the data provided by algorithms, turning it into easy-to-read dashboards on asset and fleet key performance indicators to support management and operations and maintenance personnel. Analytics also simulates asset behavior to train staff how to handle critical events before they happen.

Operational support to digital workforce

ODI agile platform digitize the core process of work management to greater effect. This means better workforce management, planning, scheduling and dispatch, as well as execution and job closeout. A collaborative operations center comprises of optimally assigning work requests to their field force, dispatching work from the office to the field, monitoring the progress of the work, and responding to changing conditions.

Why Direct Focus Software

Automation, analytics, and mobility

Automation decreases the amount of human intervention required, analytics technologies increases amounts of intelligence, and mobile technologies connect worker, service and expertise.

Agile platform capable of hyperscaling

Scalable Field Service Software

The agile platform creates an environment where features and functions can be generated or modified in days rather than in months, and where costs, quality and dependability are controlled and optimized.

Agile-centric operating environment

Cloud Base Field Service Software

The agile platform fosters connecting, collaborating, and unified communications. The unified, centralized and resilient platform promotes best practice, common standards, and automated processes for quality service delivery