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Business Process Management & Automation Solution

Business Process Automation Platform

DF-Sphere Business Process Automation comprises a comprehensive set of collaborative, role-based capabilities that help you model, simulate, execute, rapidly change, monitor and optimize core business processes.

DF-Sphere BPA enables business users and managers to manage and track their entire business operations on a single dashboard, receive alerts and subsequently get to the lowest level of instance detail. In addition, real-time information from any application can be captured for end-to-end monitoring. Business users can take immediate action to remedy anomalous situations, take advantage of emerging business opportunities and improve operations for greater customer satisfaction and better business results.

Get Started with Management Software

Management system is used while dealing with teams, departments and collaborating ongoing processes. For example, it helps you better manage work orders, schedule appointments, dispatch services, track inventories, automate request approval process, track invoices, manage conference room reservations, and manage training events, etc. Management software lets you go beyond resourceful task delegation and effective communication.

Enhanced Task Efficiency

An automated cloud based system manages tasks and executes without constant manager supervision. It eliminates manual processes and reduces the completion time of tasks. Some tasks can be complex and some require sequences! Multilevel tasks/processes can be incorporated with the help of this system.

Centralized Single Location

Unlike storing data in Excel files which are scattered in various locations, our cloud based management system allows you to share information among multiple users and each team member can work with a centralized database while performing their own tasks.

Automatic Notification

Our Cloud based management system automatically pushes an email notification to selected team members when a task has been completed and the next task is ready to be started.

Real Time Update and Status

When data is changed by a team member, others automatically receive new updates simultaneously. Our Cloud based management system, a centralized control panel provides real-time status updates in the form of lists, charts and templates.

Role Based Security

Data integrity and security are increasing concerns in most organizations. Our roleā€based administrative access controls allow you to specify who in your organization can perform certain tasks, modify certain information, and view certain data.

Real Time Report Generation

A key dashboard provides real-time visibility to the status of jobs through graphs, forms and templates. Customized reports can be generated with just a few mouse clicks.