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Work Order, Job Scheduling, Billing & Accounting Software

All-In-One Work Order Billing Software for Service Business

Work Order, Job Scheduling, Inventory, Billing & Accounting, Employee Shift Scheduling in One Central Location
All-In-One Software Solution

Direct Focus Software provides an all-in-one service management software that takes care of your CRM, work order, job scheduling, inventory, billing & accounting, employee time & attendance and shift scheduling in one central location. It combines all the features you need to take care of your business.

Streamline Your Business

Facilitate job scheduling, dispatch work to employees, manage shift rotation for your team, allow service workers to record work & time, manage inventory, generate invoices and process billing for completed work, automate tedious tasks, and allow your clients to view invoices online.

Scalable and Customizable

You can choose the entire system or select only a few modules and integrate them with your existing systems. Customization and enhanced functionalities are available and new features can be added according to your unique requirements. You can customize service processes based on job, skill and equipment involved.

Key Features


Manage customer accounts, track service history, engage with your customers, and handle client contracts. Our CRM helps you better organize customer profiles, notes and activities.

Work Order

Create work orders, schedule appointments or services, and track work. Enable your working staff to record time, labor, cost, and create billing for completed work.


Better monitor and control inventory purchasing and movement processes. Our Inventory Module records goods, receipts and issues; tracks items, tracks stock levels, and reduces backorder.

Asset Management

Manage your assets on customer sites with full service histories, making it easier to oversee periodic service tasks and maintenance obligations.

Shift Scheduling

Custom define schedule templates, schedule specifics such as projects, departments, team or jobs. Automatically rotate employees through one or more schedules and accommodate multiple alternative work schedules.


Personize invoices including your logo and modified invoice elements. Automatically generate invoices for completed work and send invoices to customers.

Billing & Accounting

Streamline billing process and automatically send reminders to customers on past due payments. Create accounts receivable and accounts payable documents, bank reconciliation and generate financial reports.

Customer Portal

Allow your clients to manage accounts, create work requests, check work orders and view invoices online.

Employee and Payroll

Plan your employee schedules, manage time & attendance, and manage leave-cases. Process payrolls and manage employee benefits.

Workflow and Tasks

Automate routine tasks and eliminate manual processes in your day-to-day operations. Automate work approval, time management, billing and invoicing.

Mobile Friendly

Enable your employees and managers to share information and gain complete workforce visibility at any time and from anywhere through desktop PC, laptop, or mobile devices.

Other Features

Other features include purchasing order, contract management, project management, integration with other systems such as CRM and accounting software, and moreā€¦