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ERP Alternative Solution for Business Management

DF-Sphere ERP Alternative System for Small and Mid-Size Business

Sales CRM, service management, workforce scheduling, inventory management, purchase order, and business process automation

Businesses that are considering the automation of certain business processes or implementing an ERP system should explore Direct Focus' ERP Alternative solution. Our ERP Alternative can be implemented much faster than traditional ERP systems and deliver ROI quicker and with more certainty.

Direct Focus' ERP Alternative provides businesses with a system that is flexible, customizable, adaptable, and tailored to fit the way a business does its business. Modules in Direct Focus' ERP Alternative can deployed on a stand-alone basis or they can be integrated into your existing systems or connected to other Direct Focus Software modules to make a comprehensive ERP type system.

Who can benefit from Direct Focus ERP Alternative

Businesses that…

  • are looking for custom tailorable software solution
  • have specialized needs which are not available in off-the-shelf products
  • are currently considering an ERP system
  • have multiple systems in disparate places
  • are still using Excel or Access to track and organize processes

Why Direct Focus Software ERP Alternative Solution

Direct Focus' ERP Alternative for Business uses a measured approach to implementing automation by first implementing and automating one or two business processes, demonstrate value and ROI, and then adding additional modules to cover more business processes. Our modules are all part of the larger DFS Sphere platform. If you implement all of our modules you would end-up with a system comparable to a full-blown ERP system. Our difference is faster implementation times, proven ROI, easier adoption, and greater user satisfaction.

Here are some of the unique features and functionality unique to our system that are not likely to be available in one-size-fits-all ERP systems.

Direct Focus lets the users and their organizations determine their own processes and best practices.
Direct Focus is a scalable ERP-type platform — one that can quickly add application pieces and live in the cloud.
Direct Focus enables users to handle change from any place, whether it’s changes in business process, policy compliance, organization structure, or business environment.
Direct Focus enables non-technical persons to maintain, make changes and make configurations to the system without technical assistance.


Scalable System

DF-Sphere has many modules with functionalities and features, yet it is truly modular. You can start small, focus on core modules which have the greatest impact on your key business areas; and scale up after proving business value.


DF-Sphere has an open module architecture which allows you to change functions quickly and add features of your own to meet your business needs. Functionalities and features in each module are configurable and customizable to best fit your business environment.


DF-Sphere platform is designed to handle change originating from any place in your organization, whether it’s changes or updates in business process, policy compliance, organization structure, or business environment.

Optimizing the data

The customization capability enables us to change and custom design each screen to bring the right data and right view to end users. Data optimization helps effective utilization of limited business resources.

Internal communication

DF-Sphere improves commnication with system messaging capabilities. Messaging includes internal two-way messaging within the system and external messaging using e-mail or text. Messaging can be sent to individuals, groups, or company-wide.

Administrator interface

As part of the solution, we provide administrator interface which enables non-technical persons to maintain, make changes and make configurations to the system without technical assistance. The administrator interface is custom designed according to your business environment, it is intuitive and user friendly.

Mobile Friendly

The mobile friendly interface allows users to access the system at any time and from anywhere through desktop PC, laptop, or mobile device, either in your office, or outside your office.


DF-Sphere can be seamlessly integrated with other systems such as CRM, accounting software, and human resources systems.