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DFS-Sphere Employee Scheduling is a full work schedule and job assignment software that allows companies manage employees, plan weekly employee schedule, and automate approval process such as leave request and swap request in an intuitive, easy-to-use environment. It has all the tools and features growing companies need to help make your team more efficient, more effective, and more profitable.

Our Employee Scheduling software is designed for a great fit in many companies: professional service, electrical service, construction contractors, general contractors, and more.

Employee Scheduling can be integrated into your existing systems or connected to other Direct Focus modules such as Time & Attendance, Time & Expense Reporting, and Job Assignment which are part of a larger platform - DFS Sphere and would create a more comprehensive system.

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DFS-Sphere Employee Scheduling greatly reduces the time it takes to complete work planning & employee scheduling, and improve quality of service work. With employee scheduling system, service companies improve productivity by automating manual processes; reduce administrative costs, cycle time, and error rate; and realize a quick ROI

Digital  Shift Work Management Software

Weekly Job Schedule Template

JOb schedule template allows you to define shift period, assign shift to employees on weekly basis.

Job Planning

Once the schedule template is defined, administrator can plan shift work ahead of time, and post weekly schedules automatically.

Holiday Definition

Define public and company holiday in calendar which is used for job planning and employee scheduling.

Weekly Employee Scheduler

Weekly employee scheduler allows staffs to access their shift assignments on weekly basis. Workers can check their employee schedule, swap request, and overtime offer at any time and from anywhere.

Shift Swap Request

Allow employees to swap their shift assignments with other employees and track their swap records.

Leave Request

Allow staffs to submit leave request, check request status and track time off records.

Overtime Offer

Allow managers to plan and post overtime offers to employees. The system applies rules and regulations when planning overtime offers.

Workflow & Automation

Automate request and approval processes of swap request, leave request and overtime offer.

Remote Access & Mobile Friendly

Workers can access their weekly employee schedule, submit request and check approval status through mobile devices.

Reports and Dashboard

Allow staffs to view vacation balance, leave records, swap records, and employee schedules.

Customer Experience

Work Planning & Employee Scheduling

An electric service company has 56 distribution operating centers scattered in 13 districts and 60 cities. In the past, they use MS Access database to store and track employee schedule and manage field workers. Every Monday of the week, the administrator needs to open the database, print out weekly schedules for each service group, and distribute the schedule to each manager of the group. If there is update to a schedule during the week, the administrator needs to reprint the new schedule and distribute the schedule again.

Recently the company decided migrating the MS Access database to digital employee scheduling software. With the system, planning and distributing shift work schedules is easy, convenient and fast. The administrator plans shift work schedule in the central panel. Once the schedules are planned, the system automatically posts weekly shift schedules and distributes them to each manager of service groups. When a manager or worker logs in to the system, the system displays the current week's shift work schedule of his group. If a employee schedule is changed, all staffs automatically receive new updates simultaneously. Submitting leave request or shift swap request is simple and easy, employees can do this through their iPads and mobile devices. When a request is submitted, the system automatically routes the request to the right person for approval.

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