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Workforce Scheduling Software - Track Time and Labor and Leave

Workforce Scheduling Software

Empower your employees and improve workforce productivity

DFS-Sphere workforce scheduling software is a valuable tool to support your employees and managers in managing, growing and developing their teams. It manages time, labor, job, and leave-case, engages your workforce, and makes your end-to-end processes more efficient and boost profitable. Our scheduling software eliminates manual processes and free up more time for employees and managers.


Enables companies to easily access jobs and manpower, and schedule staff based on departments, locations, and event/job levels for employees of all types. It allows you to track what job each employee is scheduled and what shifts they are supposed to work. It has robust reporting, ability to review schedules by mobile device access, request changes/availability, confirm schedules, and the ability to email schedule to each individual.


Track clock-in and clock-out functions of each employee, manage absences and leaves, coordinate projects and tasks, and implement schedules to ensure the right labor at the right time to meet evolving business needs. It helps you create a complete view of employee labor activities, giving you the insight to strategically manage workforce resources.

Streamline Workforce Management Processes and transactions

Consolidate core workforce scheduling and time tracking operations. Align onboarding with collaboration tools to help workers get up to speed quickly. Gauge worker successes and adjust for consistently positive results. Integrate with existing software such as CRM and payroll application to streamline payment process.

Why Direct Focus Software Workforce Management Software


Fully customizable and tailored solution to fit your business. Allow you to create a unique workforce scheduling processes for your business that keeps your workforce focused on the right business objectives and measures the value and impact of your employees.


Extendable features from time and labor and leave management, employee scheduling, shift management, onboarding, to a full workforce management system. Convert manual labor and a friction laden process into a smooth, seamless automated process.

Mobile Friendly

Allows employees and managers to share information and gain complete workforce visibility at any time and from anywhere through desktop PC, laptop, or mobile devices.

Key Features

Time and Attendance

Helps you manage time and attendance for your entire workforce including hourly, salaried, and project base. It allows employees to clock in/out, report time, and automatically route timesheets to different supervisors for approval while integrating with your payroll system or accounting system for payment process.

Employee Scheduling

Allows staffs to access their shift assignments on a weekly basis, and allows managers and administrators to add or change an entire crew’s schedule based on unit/department or shift. It automates the planning, processing and analysis of employee schedule for the efficient delivery of business services.

Leave Management

Allows staffs to submit leave request, check approval status and track time off records. It supports all absent types and leave eligibility determination based on predefined leave programs. It streamlines leave management with automated workflow for approval and an audit trail of case transactions.

Employee Self-Service

Allows employees to record hours worked, displays work schedule, and request leave. It helps employees manage travel and expenses, and maintain personal information.

Performance Review.

Allows you to create a unique performance management process that accurately evaluates past performance and improves future performance. Help employees improve and succeed with ongoing feedback and coaching.

New Hire On-boarding

Automates the entire on boarding process of creating, filling out and approving new hire forms and completing paperwork online. Guide, connect and develop everyone involved in the onboarding process and addresses both the strategic and tactical aspects of the onboarding processes.