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Enterprise Asset Management

Integrated Cloud Enterprise Asset Management

Keep your assets and resources operating at maximum efficiency

DFS-Sphere Enterprise Asset Management is the management of an enterprise’s assets across departments and facilities to maximize their use, save money, and improve quality.

Reducing unplanned downtimes and increasing operational efficiency

It integrates techniques for control and optimization in asset life cycles like design, operations, and replacement. By helping clients implement comprehensive and predictive maintenance programs, our EAM can reduce asset downtime in the double digits. It also help optimize labor efficiency through more efficient scheduling, field service deployment, and resource optimization. With an EAM system in place, maintenance teams can more accurately predict maintenance demands and more efficiently manage vendors to reduce inventory costs.

Extending the asset life cycle and increasing overall return on assets

DFS-Sphere EAM is 100 percent dedicated to the planning, scheduling, and execution of maintenance activities including asset hierarchy, asset operating parameters, work order scheduling, and generation and inventory management. By adding analytics and digitizing the workforce with mobile operator, asset lifecycles can be managed within the context of operations lifecycles. Customers can reduce unscheduled downtime, decrease maintenance costs, and ultimately maximize their return on capital.

Manage the entire lifecycle of your physical assets

DFS-Sphere EAM manages all asset aspects in a facility, from process control and operations to maintenance and inventory. Our EAM solutions provide near, real-time visibility into industrial assets across multiple sites. It offers the ability to forecast the details of asset-related inventory including usage, safety stock levels, quantity, and value and replenishment lead times, and provides users with data related to downtime, process variables, and scrap rate in real-time.

Why Direct Focus Software Enterprise Asset Management

Extensible and Configurable

Flexible interface, user-defined fields and layouts, and user roles and rights. It is configurable to allow systems to grow and change with the maintenance team, facility, or plant.

Customizable and Scalable

This makes it easy to tailor the solution to the business needs of everyone along with the decision-making chain—from an operator on the floor to an executive in the C-suite.

Mobile Friendly

With mobile and web access capabilities, information is accessible to more people in new way and employees are more empowered to make informed decisions.

Key Features

  • Manage labor, skills, qualifications.
  • Log risk assessment, incident management, investigation and correction.
  • Manage inventory across storerooms and sites for better visibility.
  • Manage location/function, work, and cost history
  • Optimized planning and scheduling
  • Integrate with existing system.