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DFS-Sphere Expense is an on-demand service that allows companies to create secure web-based services for filling out time sheets, expense reports and other activities.

The system tracks timesheets based on employee type, job assignment, projects and tasks. It enables staff to enter, manage, and track time remotely using internet and mobile devices.

  • 80% lower timesheet review and process time.
  • 40% to 80% lower expense reporting cost.

Expense can be integrated into your existing systems or connected to other Direct Focus modules such as Time & Attendance, Employee Scheduling, and Job Assignment which are part of a larger platform - DFS Sphere and would create a more comprehensive system.


Eliminate paper form, spreadsheets, fax and manual process.

Track time and expense by job assignment, projects and tasks, offer reporting to help manage budget and resource.

Provide instant access to status of time and expense requests.

Automate request approval process to reduce labor requirement and prevent errors.

Generate analytic or summary reports for payroll business operation.

Provide interfaces and dashboards to facilitate day-to-day business operations and improve productivity.

Key Features

Custom templates for timesheet, time-off, travel expense report, and other expense reports.

Email approving time and expense report without login to system.

Pay rate and bill rate calculations based on pay rules: hourly employee, point employee, and other labor events.

Automated workflow for time and expense approval and processing.

Mobile-friendly and remote access through desktop PC, laptop, iPad and mobile devices.

Integration with existing applications such as such as CRM, accounting software and payroll system.

Expense Request

Through automation and smart applications, you can help improve data accuracy by enabling employees to enter, display, and submit a timesheet, time-off request or expense report. Employees can record hours worked on projects and tasks, and report travel expense or other expense.

DFS-Sphere Expense allows employees to track all submissions, approvals and rejections. Employees can view their time, expense, and total compensation statements online, they can also check request progress and status at every step of workflow using internet and mobile devices.

Travel Expense and Other Expense

Automated expense reporting simplifies the expense request process. It eliminates payroll imprecision, reduces the review time, and improves visibility of approval process. All expense are entered and submitted online, they are handled electronically and linked to projects and tasks for audit integrity and compliance.

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