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Field Service Software - Optimized Service Delivery

Field Service Management Software

Increase Efficiency of the Field Service Workforce and Deliver Better Service

DFS-Sphere Field Service empowers field workers to successfully complete complex work orders, deliver better service in lower cost, and improve efficiency and productivity. It provides complete visibility of all aspects of the field service environment –scheduling, dispatching, job tracking, material usage, resource performance, and billing & invoice that lead to customer satisfaction.

Our FSM software includes tools and features for service business to schedule jobs and dispatch employees, manage customer information, manage work orders and generate quotes and invoices. It has enhanced features such as inventory management, inventory purchasing, clock-in/clock-out with Geo fencing, fleet tracking, reporting, and customization.

Dispatching Field Worker
Optimized Automation to Accommodate Multiple Teams and Jobs

Automate processes such as dispatch, manage exceptions that occur throughout the day, and allow for the creation of different rules for different teams and job requirements. The system assists field workers with their work: allow technicians to ask for help, retrieve customer information, track down parts, and look up asset history. Our solution brings customers, field workers and management into the loop, delivering instant communications among different parties through internal messaging, e-mail and online self-service portal.

Work Order Scheduling
Optimized Scheduling & Dispatching to Simplify Service Delivery

The scheduling & dispatcher console is intuitive, easy to use, and highly flexible and able to accommodate complex work order and service delivery variance. It enables you to find the right technicians quickly based on job matching rules, allows you to assign multiple workers to a single job or assign the same worker to multiple jobs. You can easily swap workers among jobs and reassign workers to different schedules on fly. The dispatcher console allows you to view workers, jobs, job sites and customers together in one single place.

Workforce Management
Seamlessly Integrate into Business Processes

Service delivery involves multiple stakeholders within the field service organization. An idea service management solution should include tools and features uniquely designed and tailored for field technicians, as well as the dispatcher, job superintendents, operations managers, contractors, customer service representatives, and even customers. The solution should integrate efficiently with all other back-office systems, such as inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM), or enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Why Direct Focus Software Field Service Software

Fits Your Business Culture

Customizable Field Service Software

DFS-Sphere service delivers tools and features uniquely designed and tailored for different stakeholders: field technicians, dispatcher, job superintendents, operations managers, contractors, customer service representatives, and even customers. The tailored solution fits your company culture with no need to reengineer your business process.

Highly Customizable

Scalable Field Service Software

Many service software packages provide limited flexibility such as adding custom fields, or changing labels and terminology. Our system allows you decide which fields should be on screen, what system menu you need, and how the system should operate. It offers a tailored experience without high customization cost.

Mobile Friendly

Cloud Base Field Service Software

Allows field workers and managers to share information and gain complete job visibility at any time and from anywhere through desktop PC, laptop, or mobile devices. Service companies can control access to all aspects of the solution by setting up roles and permission to individual user and work group.

Key Features

Support All Job Types

Support projects, service orders, work orders, actions, service agreement, and routine and emergency events.

Service Scheduling

Automatically find next available service slot and allocate resource.

Dispatching Field Staff

Assign jobs based on required skill set, availability, workload and crew location.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing of labor based on customer and location, and parts in the field.

Inventory Management

Track and manage the flow of inventory, maintain proper inventory levels, eliminate our-of-stocks & back orders.

Time Tracking

Clock-in and Clock-out with Geo fencing; breaks down by travel time, work time, overtime, break.

Billing and Invoicing

Create custom invoices that are tailored to your business; track payments received and display outstanding balance.