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Submit requisition online, electronic signature and paperless approval

DFS-Sphere Purchase Requisition helps you better manage numerous requisition transactions that make up your business every day by empowering you and your employees with electronic processes and paperless approvals. Our Purchase Requisition Approval Software eliminates inefficient paper-based, excel or email-based processing, multiple copies, and loss of paperwork.

For more details, please download our DFS-Sphere Purchase Requisition Approval Software White Paper

Download Purchase Requisition Software White Paper

Exceptional Requisition Approval Experiences

For many businesses, the requisition approval process involves manual routing and paper shuffling that’s slow and error-prone. Finding a purchase order method that provides automated PO tracking is a necessity these days- save time, money and reduce the number of mistakes all at once.

Submit Purchase Order Online

Whenever a user needs to create a purchase order request, he/she can go to the Purchase Order System Portal, fill out a purchase order request form, and submit the form online. This form is processed electronically and routed through different levels of approval.

Purchase Order Requisition Approval Automation Software

Dynamic Approval Process

Process automation technology like DFS-Sphere Purchase Order Software identifies the order total and uses a unique decision tool to check the value of the purchase order. It then cross-references this against an established rule – these are customized business rules that you define

Approve Request by a Link

Once the information is gathered and business rules checked by the database query tool, the approval request is sent as an automated HTML email which contains a link to the workflow job. The recipient (i.e. the approver) simply clicks the link to launch the approval screen, adds comments if necessary, and then accepts or rejects.

Automated Routing

If the purchase order requires a second approval, the workflow automation system simply repeats the steps with the updated information (i.e. 1st level approval complete) and automatically notifies the second person.

Notification to Submitter

Once the automated routing and approvals are complete, the user that originally entered the purchase order is automatically notified of the updated status, including all comments.

DFS-Sphere Purchase Requisition Workflow Software

Submit purchase order online, automated routing for approval, and real-time status tracking

DFS-Sphere Purchase Requisition automates the process with electronic document routing, rules-based approval triggers, and a recorded audit trail of all purchase orders approved or declined. Advanced business alerts can then be triggered when approvals are delayed and the process is held up for any reason.

The system quietly and continuously monitors the purchase order table in the background. So when a purchase order is entered into the system, it will automatically identify if the request requires approval from multiple line managers and then automatically route and escalate the approval to each required authorizer in the process.

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