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Purchasing Requisition Software

Purchasing Requisition

Optimize buying and purchasing to increase margins

DF-Sphere purchasing requisition streamlines the procurement process, from requesting vendor quotes, to creating purchase requests and paying vendors. It provides a configurable workflow to automate and simplify your purchase requisition process.

Purchasing and Requisition Mangement

Our solution enables you to create purchase requests, purchase orders, and goods receipts. You can link purchasing documents and view document trails for audit purposes. Managing returns, tallying additional expenses, and dealing with multiple currencies are a snap with our software.

Multi-level review and approval

Multi-level review and approval workflows are available to route requests within the company. Decisions are recorded in a visible audit trail for quick reference. Requisition and supporting documentation are constantly available to approvers.

Automatic purchase order creation

Once the requisition is approved, a purchase order is automatically generated. The purchase order is available throughout the entire purchase-to-pay process for quick and easy matching with order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices—simplifying transactions for related business functions.

Why Direct Focus Purchasing Requisition


Allow you to implement and configure the purchasing and requisition processes according to the rules, validations, and definitions of your business. With DF-Sphere purchasing system you don’t have to change your process to fit the system. Our system is tailored to fit your business.


Able to expand capacity and add functionality to streamline your procurement processes. System can be operated on a stand-alone basis or integrated into your existing business systems, or you can add additional modules from us to better manage numerous requisition transactions that make up your business every day.

Mobile Friendly

Access purchasing information and approval status at any time and from anywhere through desktop PC, laptop, or mobile devices from a single end-to-end platform. In real time you can gain control over all purchases providing you with an optimal mobile experience.

Key Features

Submit Purchase Order Online

Fill out a purchase order request, and submit the request online. This request is processed electronically and routed through different levels of approval.

Dynamic Validating Process

Identifies the order total and checks the value of the purchase order according to customized business rules that you define.

Approve Request by a Link

The approver simply clicks the link in a notification email to launch the approval screen, adds comments if necessary, and then accepts or rejects.

Automated Routing

If the purchase order requires a second approval, the system simply repeats the steps with the updated information and automatically notifies the second person.

Notification to Submitter

Once the automated routing and approvals are complete, the user that originally entered the purchase order is automatically notified of the updated status.

Inventory warehouse integration

Achieve real time synchronization of goods receipts and inventory warehouse levels.