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Sales order, Pricing, Discounting and Shipping Schedule

Sales Order Software

Sales Order Software

Create, track, and schedule sales order

DFS-Sphere Sales Order allows you to set up quick sales orders and empower timely recording of production. You can search for and display all sales orders according to various criteria. This allows the user to directly select, reschedule and edit an ongoing sales orders or query its details.

Existing sales orders can be selected and copied in order to enter new sales orders. Where needed, the actual values of an existing sales order can be used as target values of the sales order to be created.


Eliminate manual routing, reduce order handling time, and accelerate order fulfillment and payment.

Reduce order to cash process costs and improve cash flow with the automated processes.

Increase data entry accuracy and prevent error, lost, duplicate or misplaced orders.

Free up staff time and allow staff members to focus on more value-added tasks such as customer service.

Increase customer satisfaction, respect SLAs and priority orders through streamlined business processes.

Provide clear visibility on inventory, pricing, production, finances and sales forecasting.


Order Type

Define custom order types to meet specific order processing requirements. For each order type you can specify inventory allocation rules, workflow scenario, and the type of document that will be generated in the accounts receivable and inventory modules.

Bill of Material and Routing

Allows for the modification of the product structure and production process to manage every day changes that may occur within production rather than changing company standards.

Pricing, Discounting, and Promotions

Manage complex pricing and discount policies Allow you to define pricing structure and price inventory items for maximum profitability.

Shiping Schedule

Specify a different delivery date for each line item on a sales order. Generate shipment orders according to delivery schedule and item availability.


Review all the documents associated with picking and receiving inventory .


Integrate with CRM, Purchase order, Inventory management, MRP, Invoicing & Billing.

ERP Alternative Applications

Modules in Direct Focus' ERP Alternative can deployed on a stand-alone basis or they can be integrated into your existing systems or connected to other Direct Focus Software modules to make a comprehensive ERP type system

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