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Sales CRM Software

Sales CRM Automation Software

Provide your sales team with rich customer insight and seamless CRM processes

DFS-Sphere Sales CRM software gives your salespeople the insight to understand customer needs and deliver flawless sales experiences. With DFS-Sphere, you can develop lasting customer relationships and secure feature rich support for your sales, service and marketing activities.

Lead and Contact Management

Our lead management platform enables you to identify and engage top prospects early in the sales cycle. Gain visibility into all customer and lead information. It helps to prioritize leads, and qualify them with guided surveys. By streamlining the link between marketing and sales, you can convert more prospects into customers.

Opportunity and Pipeline Management

With the opportunity management software, you gain insight into prioritized leads to seed your sales pipeline and introduce key contacts to influence the outcome of the sales process and accelerate buying decisions. It also helps you to capture product and sales information in one central place and enables salesforce collaboration.

Sales Collaboration and Performance

Direct Focus solutions help you to team up your sales force with internal or external stakeholders to harness top talent and generate the best ideas. It enable the sales team to share documents and work collaboratively to analyze sales opportunities, develop proposals, and resolve issues. The net resulting is to accelerate sales cycles and enhance win rates.

Why Direct Focus Software Sales CRM Software


Allow you to implement and configure the buying process and sales cycle according to the rules, validations, and definitions of your business. With DFS-Sphere CRM system you don’t have to change your process to fit the system. Our system is tailored to fit your business.


Able to expand capacity and add functionality to support your sales, service, and marketing activities. System can be operated on a stand-alone basis or integrated into your existing business systems, or you can add additional modules from us to automate other business processes.

Mobile Friendly

Engage customers at any time and from anywhere through desktop PC, laptop, or mobile devices from a single end-to-end platform, giving field workers remote, real-time access to data. As it happens you can gain control over all purchases, providing you with an optimal mobile experience.