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Service Dispatch Software - Job Scheduling & Dispatching

Service Dispatch Software - Job Scheduling & Dispatching

Empower your workers and improve service efficiency

DFS-Sphere dispatch software provides service companies with an improved ability to reduce the costs of service delivery, continuously improve efficiency and optimize every aspect of service – dispatching, scheduling, routes, and individual resource performance.

DFS solution with enhanced features, and ease of use and customizations without technical expertise is a good choice for companies that are not able to obtain the functionality and features they need in pre-configured systems.

Service Scheduling Software
Bring Together Customer, Service, and Expertise

Connect all aspects of the field service value chain through innovative technology and deep understanding of today's service provider’s needs: flexible, mobile, real-time, instant communication and extremely user-friendly. Streamline resource planning and job scheduling and dispatching – whether you provide field services, professional services, construction, or plant maintenance.

Staff Dispatching Software
Simplify Scheduling, Dispatching and Service Delivery

Improves the complete flow of work orders through the organization and to mobile service teams—including the creation of service requests, job scheduling and dispatching field staff, tracking Service Level Agreements (SLAs), managing parts inventory, providing advanced mobile capabilities for your enterprise, and positioning the suitable person on the job to resolve the issues faster, boost employee productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Service Dispatch Software
Streamline Service Management Processes and Transactions

Consolidate core service scheduling and dispatching operations. Align job tracking with collaboration tools to bring together customer, service, technician and management. Quickly connect customers to the support staff, and get the right technicians to the right job at the right time. Gauge worker successes and adjust for consistently positive results. Integrate with existing software such as CRM and payroll application to streamline payment process.

Why Direct Focus Software Service Dispatch Software


Customizable Service Dispatch Software

Fully customizable and tailored solution to fit your business. Allow you to create a unique service scheduling dispatching processes for your business that keeps your workforce focused on the right business objectives and measures the value and impact of your service.


Scalable Service Scheduling Software

Extendable features from work order, service scheduling, job dispatching, customer CRM, spare part inventory, to a full service management system. Convert manual labor and a friction laden process into a smooth, seamless automated process.

Mobile Friendly

Cloud Base Service Scheduling Software

Allows field workers and managers to share information in real-time and gain complete visibility of your financial and operational performance at any time and from anywhere through desktop PC, laptop, or mobile devices.

Key Features

All levels of work orders

Support projects, service orders, work orders, actions, and routine and emergency events.

Service scheduling

Automatically find next available service slot and allocate resource.

Dispatching field staff

Assign jobs based on required skill set, availability, workload and crew location.

Powerful visibility

Easily access jobs and manpower, monitor the workings of operations.

Inventory Management

Track and manage the flow of inventory, maintain proper inventory levels, eliminate our-of-stocks & back orders.

Billing and Invoicing

Create custom invoices that are tailored to your business; track payments received and display outstanding balance.