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Time and Attendance Software

Gaining Flexibility, Agility and Real-time Insights to Maximize Your Workforce

Time tracking, employee scheduling, job assignment, and leave management
Automating time and attendance management

Allows organizations of all sizes to record employee work time online and handle the approval process electronically. The system tracks meals and break times, the type of work performed, and the number of items produced. It applies HR and payroll calculation rules and can integrate with your CRM or payroll system for payment processing.

Simplify employee scheduling

Enables companies to manage employees, plan weekly employee schedule, and automate approval process such as leave request and swap request in an intuitive, easy-to-use environment. It eliminates manual scheduling and allow the entire crew to access their shift assignments at any time, from anywhere using any device.

Streamlining leave management

Offers self-service capabilities for both employees and managers, makes leave request and approval easy, quick and efficient. Automated leave, absence and sickness management reduce error and translates to increased productivity throughout your organization. Leave management provides a single, complete audit trail of leave and absence transactions for employers,

Why Direct Focus Software Time and Attendance Management Software


Allows you to implement and configure features and policies according to the rules, validations, and definitions of your business. With DFS-Sphere time & attendance customizable system you don’t have to change your process to fit the system. Our system is tailored to fit your business


Able to expand capacity and add functionality to support your growing business. System can be operated on a stand-alone basis or integrated into your existing business systems, or you can add additional modules from us to automate or upgrade more of your business processes.

Mobile Friendly

Allows employees access their time and leave requests and responses at any time and from anywhere through desktop PC, laptop, or mobile devices. Allows managers access to employees’ times by individual, team, or companywide.

Key Features

Time and Attendance

Allow employees to clock in/out, report time, view punches, and capture additional information such as project, tasks and jobs. Provides customizable timesheets for different employee types;

Time Approvals

Enables managers to review and approve timesheets in an email without logging into the system. System automatically routes timesheets to different supervisors for approval based on your process such as project, task, job, and department.

Pay Process Integration

Calculation rules are configured to compute all elements of pay and balances. Integrate with Payroll system, Accounting system, CRM, and other ERP systems.

Multiple Job Assignments

Permit multiple job assignments on employee HR profiles. Each job assignment can have different pay rules, pay rates, data collection methods, timesheets, and supervisor approval workflows.

Shift Scheduling

Able to define schedule templates, and schedule specifics such as projects, departments, or jobs. Able to rotate employees through one or more schedules, and accommodate multiple alternative work schedules.

Leave/Absence Management

Submit leave requests online, and track leave balances. Support all absent types and leave eligibility determination based on predefined leave programs. Automated workflow to route leave requests for approval.