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Timesheet, work schedule, job assignment, and absence management

DFS-Sphere Time & Attendance allows organizations of all sizes to record employee work time online and handle the approval process electronically. The system tracks meals and breaks time, the type of work performed, and the number of items produced.

DFS-Sphere Time & Attendance software is flexible for customization to the way your business operates. It is simple, easy to use, and easy to maintain. The system can be maintained and operated by non-technical persons. It can easily be integrated into your existing payroll system and ERP or MRP systems.

Unique to Direct Focus Time & Attendance

We realize there are numerous time and attendance systems available to choose from. If a cheap system will do the job for your company, then by all means pursue it. DFS-Sphere Time & Attendance does not compete on price, rather by delivering value. We strive to provide best value by providing customization and functionality that is tailored to how your business operates without requiring you to change how you do your business. Because a tailored solution will deliver optimal functionality, in many situations, your ROI with DFS-Sphere will actually be much greater than an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits all solution. Let us show you what we can do so you can see for yourself.

Here are some of the unique features and functionality unique to our system that are not likely to be available in low-priced one-size-fits-all systems.

  • Email approval of timesheets without logging into system.
  • Real time alerts of missed timesheet and overdue supervisor approval which are configured by regulations and policies.
  • Different timesheet templates for different clients and customers.
  • Customized pay rate and bill rate calculations based on pay rules such as hourly employee, point employee, and other labor events.
  • Automated workflow for timesheet approval and payment processes based on rules and regulations.
  • Customized analytics reporting.
Time-off and Travel Expense Software

Time & Attendance from Direct Focus can be deployed on a stand-alone basis or can be integrated into your existing systems or connected to other Direct Focus modules such as Expense Reporting, Employee Scheduling, and Job Assignment which are part of a larger platform - DFS Sphere and would create a more comprehensive system.

Key Features


  • Allow employees to clock in/out, report time, view punches, and submit time off requests.

  • Timesheets are fully customizable - multiple layouts possible for different employee types.
  • Capture additional information such as projects, tasks, and jobs.


  • Enable managers to review and approve time with email or message alters for critical situations.
  • Allow multiple levels of supervisors to sign off on timesheets.
  • Automatically route timesheets to different supervisors for approval based on your process such as project, task, job, and department.


  • Calculation rules are configured to compute all elements of pay and balances.
  • Calculation engine applies HR and payroll calculation rules and generates computed hours and pay rates.
  • Integrate with Payroll system, Accounting system, CRM, and other ERP systems.


  • Permit multiple job assignments on employee HR profiles.
  • Each job assignment can have different pay rules, pay rates, data collection methods, timesheets, and supervisor approval workflows.
  • Employer sets configurations to allow employees to either choose job assignment or accept job assignment provided by management. Configurations can be different for different employees.


  • Able to define schedule templates, and schedule specifics such as projects, departments, or jobs.
  • Able to rotate employees through one or more schedules, and accommodate multiple alternative work schedules.
  • Allow managers or administrators to add or change an entire crew’s schedule based on unit/department or shift.


  • Submit leave requests online, and track leave balances.
  • Support all absent types and leave eligibility determination based on predefined leave programs.
  • Automated workflow to route leave requests for approval.

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