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Manufacturing Management Software

Connect, monitor, and tightly control your manufacturing operations

Production Inventory Management Software

DFS-Sphere Manufacturing is a production planning and inventory control system used to manage manufacturing processes. DFS-Sphere system integrates your business and manufacturing processes to help you run efficient, high quality production on the shop floor. It allows you to access real-time information, improve reliability, and take advantage of product traceability.

The system includes powerful scheduling, capacity planning, process automation and routes and operations. It supports the make-to-order market, where capacity planning, scheduling and utilization of shop floor resources are paramount, and where labor and machine costs are major profit drivers.

For more details, please download our DFS-Sphere Manufacturing Software white paper

Download Manufacturing Management Software white paper

Virtual Job Jacket Software for Printing and Fulfilment

Job jacket tracking, electronic sign off, automated dispatching software solution

Job jacket tracking Software for printing and fulfilment

DFS-Sphere virtual job jacket software allows printing companies to automate the entire job jacket process, from planning & scheduling, through graphics, digital press, plate making, offset press, to bindery & kitting. Our DFS-Sphere virtual job jacket eliminates inefficient paper-based form and manual process.

DFS-Sphere system gives production employees ready access to virtual job jackets and allows staff to track how far along a job is. After each step of the job is complete, manager can have an electronic sign off, and the job jacket is automatically routed to next step for further processing. The informative reports enables managers to monitor job performance, pinpoint bottleneck in job jacket process, and analyze production line capacity.

Sales Order

Define work order types, create work requests; log calls from customers, turn call information into work orders.

Scheduling & Dispatching

Schedule time, resource for tasks; dispatch word order to different groups for design, review and approval; reserve parts in inventory system; assign work orders to individuals, crews, or outside contractors.

Work Tracking

Track time, labor, parts, material, tool cost, and work order status; log instructions, comments to and from workers

Sign off and Dispatching

Have electronic sign off after each step of the job is complete, and automactically dispatch to next step.


Simplify the arduous task of organizing work, materials, and processes; streamline manufacturing processes and optimize custom jobs; customize to meet assembly, job shop, and manufacturing needs.

Billing and Invoicing

Create custom invoices that are tailored to your business; track payments received and display outstanding balance.

Inventory Management

Track and manage the flow of inventory, maintain proper inventory levels, eliminate our-of-stocks & back orders.

Reports and Dashboard

Create custom reports for monitoring service performance, workload, resource, inventory activities and financial transactions.

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