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DFS-Sphere Workforce Management allows you to create an online demand-driven service, which enables employees to enter, display, and update personal information such as addresses, bank information, and other personal data such as emergency contacts. Employees can record hours worked on projects, request their trips and report travel expenses, and import credit card details. Allow your employees, from anywhere and at any time, to request their future vacation or leave time, correct their time data, and receive the respective workflow-driven approvals from their managers automatically.

Online HR Form Process with Routing for Approval

DFS-Sphere Workforce Management processes human resources forms and requests online electronically with routing workflow determined by configuration, and allowing for email reminders for tasks and digital signature approval. These forms will then be processed automatically at the end of the process into document management application which eliminates paper copies of the same form and paper routing for approval signature around the company. Time off form, data change form, HR travel expense approval, staffing requisition form, information form, etc. are all custom design according to your specific business requirements.

Human Resource HR New Employee Onboarding Process Automation Software

Employee Self-Service

Employee self-service provides web-based access to their own personal data and HR information, translates to a quick win for both management and employees. By automating many HR administrative tasks such as changing addresses or submitting leave requests, companies can quickly reduce their total cost of ownership and obtain a higher ROI. In addition, they can increase employee productivity and optimize processes by empowering employees and managers to collaborate and better manage their work-life balance and take more responsibility for their jobs and development.

Manager Self-Service

Manager self-service empower your managers to oversee their employees and budgets more efficiently. Enable your business teams to pull data and perform transactions to make better, smarter decisions for building and developing your workforce for future success.

Managers can perform quick status checks of the information that is most important to them. Managers can initiate employee processes and preform activities on behalf of employees, such as a leave request. For routine tasks, managers can assign substitutes, for example, delegating everyday approvals to an assistant. They can also enable a substitute to access team-specific information and processes and can even refine the details of their substitutions.

New Hire Onboarding

DFS-Sphere Workforce Management paperless onboarding workflow software allows you to automate the entire onboarding process of creating, filling out and aproving new hire forms and completing paperwork online, integrating standard tools such as email to notify users of reminders and approval status.

DFS-Sphere Workforce Management onboarding software eliminates inefficient paper-based new hire onboarding processing, multiple copies, and loss of paperwork.

Automated Human Resources Process

DFS-Sphere Workforce Management allows HR process automation and optimization in many areas. HR travel approval and reporting, Employee new position and recruitment, performance review, succession planning, employee working timesheet, compensation management, new hire/on-boarding, off-boarding, and employee training are some examples.

DFS-Sphere Workforce Management Software

online HR form process, electronic approval, automate HR administrative task, and paperless onboarding

DFS-Sphere Workforce Management provides scalable human resources automation software solutions that help companies of all sizes to become best-run businesses. In today’s challenging business environment, best-run companies have clarity across all aspects of their business, which allows them to act quickly with increased insight, efficiency, and flexibility. By using DFS-Sphere solutions, companies of all sizes – including small businesses and midsize companies – can reduce costs, optimize performance, and gain the insight and agility needed to close the gap between strategy and execution.

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DFS-Sphere Workforce Management is flexible for customization to the way you want, and highly adaptable to your fast changing business environment. It is simple, easy to use, and easy to maintain, most administrators of our system are non-technical people, for example, CEO, director of finance, director of human resources, etc. Using our innovative, breakthrough ODI (Object Data Interpretation) technology in DFS-Sphere, we can deliver high quality solutions quicker and at lower cost.


Manage and track your service and resource better.

Provide paperless approval process solution.

Ensure 100% compliance to any policy or procedure.

Reduce human error and miscommunication and focus business owners on the requirements of their roles.

Improve HR approval process efficiency and productivity of organization resources.

Key Features


Customized to your HR process.


Easy to learn, enhance, modify or customize.

Access Anywhere

Online HR request creation and electronically processing.

Automating Workflow

Automated business workflow with online HR request routing and approval.


Email notification, reminder, escalation, and deadline notification.

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