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Digital form and paperless approval

Paperless Form Routing Approval Software for Business

Paperless form, electronic approval, and rule-based routing solution.

Paperless eForm Workflow Automation Software Solution

DFS-Sphere eForm workflow software processes forms and requests online electronically with routing for approval determined by configuration, allowing email reminders for tasks and digital signature. With our form approval software, you can create automated form-based services for handling contract approval, purchase requisition approval, invoice approval, check request approval, travel expense approval, HR forms approval, and other activities.

DFS-Sphere eForm software reduces the time to process business forms and requests. With the use of electronic signatures, routing documents is made faster and more effective. In addition, staff can track status of requests in the review and approval process.

For more details, download our online form with approval software white paper:

Download Paperless Form Approval Software White Paper

Digital Form Approval Software for Nonprofit Organization

Online form, digital approval, and streamlined workflow solution

DFS-Sphere digital form workflow software automates online forms and document creation and routing for approval signature. DFS-Sphere eForm is highly customizable to meet your specific needs and can be used in many areas throughout your organization: grant routing and approval, donations, volunteer management, contract routing and approval, online HR form, travel expense approval, purchase order approval, and budget request routing and approval, etc.

For more details, please download our digital form workflow and routing software white paper:

Download Electronic Form Workflow Software White Paper

Electronic Form Approval Software for Nonprofit Organization

Electronic Form Workflow Automation Software for Education

Digitize paper forms, transform manual paperwork to automated workflow processes

Paperless Form Approval Process Software

DFS-Sphere electronic form software enables you to streamline the entire process, creating an intuitive online form that users can quickly and easily fill out, and routing the form for signature and approval. DFS-Sphere eForm is customizable and can be used in many areas throughout school: Time off form, fieldtrip request, discipline form, teacher evaluation, print shop request, human resources form, purchase requisition approval, and check request routing for approval, etc.

For more details, please download our paperless routing and approval software white paper:

Download Electronic Approval Software White Paper

Enterprise Wide Electronic Form Workflow Software Solution

DFS-Sphere eForm is an enterprise wide e-form workflow routing software which processes forms and documents online electronically with routing for approval determined by configuration, and allowing for email reminders for tasks and digital signature approval.  It's a powerful way to model an approval workflow for any business process.  The Approval workflow routes a document or form to a group of people for approval.

Our DFS-Sphere eForm provides online paperless approval process solution which eliminates multiple copies of the same form and paper routing for approval signature around the company. Companies can customize the solution using your own forms, routing each form and document according to your specific business requirements. Using our solution, you can monitor the status of any request in your system.

DFS-Sphere eForm can be adapted for use in many areas: professional services, insurance, banking, retail store, financial services, health care, education, manufacturing, IT service, etc.

Form Routing Workflow Solution

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Eliminate paper routing, paper tracking, paper process for tracking paperwork, and remove paper from form processing and storage.

Online electronic form with e-routing approval process to reduce labor requirement and prevent error.

Generate audit trails to increase approval and routing form workflow visibility.

Generate business reports using document captured data to facilitate day-to-day business operations and improve productivity.

Customizable and can be used in many areas: HR forms with routing and approval, contract routing, document routing, purchasing request and approval, budget request and approval, etc.

Key Features

Electronic form

form filler, pull data from other databases; electronic form digital signature; extract data into database.


Business Intelligence reporting and Report Designer.


Authenticated and anonymous users, role based security.

Document workflow automation

Online document creation and processes with routing for approval.


Email notification, reminder, escalation, and deadline notification.

Electronic form approval process

Manage routing form workflow for digital signature approval.

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