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Electronic Forms

Nearly everyone needs electronic forms - either converting existing paper forms into electronic formats, moving your business processes from manual to an online environment, or you’re just getting started and you need to use the most up to date processes available.

Some of the problems you face are

  • Paper is easy to use, to distribute, to annotate, sign and return. You need electronic forms to be the same.
  • Employees, vendors, customers, etc. are accustomed to your existing forms. New forms and processes may be confusing. Therefore, electronic forms need to look and act like the forms you already use.
  • If you plan to distribute forms, recipients need to be able to open and use them.
  • Data entered into forms should be easy to link to lots of different data sources. Why re-enter data when you’ve already got it in a computer?
  • Documents like Adobe pdf’s and Word files may accept data easily, but tying them to real databases (not txt files) isn’t easy at all!

DFS-Sphere eForm make it easy to create

DFS-Sphere eForm Routing Software allows you to automate the entire process of creating, filling out and approving of any form or request online, integrating standard tools such as email to notify users of reminders and approval status.

  • Eelectronic forms automation that automates e-form approval process.
  • Forms that can be exported to Adobe, Word, or Excel format, or saved as a DFS-Sphere (eForm) form documents.
  • Electronic signature.
  • Interactive auto fill-in and option lists within data fields with dynamic retrieval of list options from database tables.
  • Built in data verification and formatting.
  • Security at the form level with configuration done at runtime after the product is delivered to the customer. Each e-form can be configured to require access authorization with users granted different levels of authorization according to their various user roles.

Electronic Form Workflow Software

Other electronic forms vendors sell eForm tools that allow you to design an electronic document, which is okay, but… If you need to save the data in the fields into a database, so you can store it, retrieve it, sort it, summarize it, analyze it - then you still have to tie each field in the eform to a database, usually using complex custom programming.

eForms shouldn’t be just stand-alone documents. You need them to work as pluggable modules in an integrated framework that also offers a powerful backend for data access and transformation, form routing, approval and process.

Electronic Form Routing Software

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