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Integrated Cloud Software and Scalable Platform for Growing your Business

Grow Your Teams and Empower Your People

Reduce your labor costs and free up more time for your employees. Our scalable workforce system connects people, information, applications, and processes. It automates and accelerates processes for workforce scheduling, job assignment, time tracking & expense reporting, and leave management.

Manage Your Business Effectively

Our customizable business software solutions automate your core processes, meet complex industry-specific needs —and drive faster business innovation and growth. It can help you connect every person and process, put the right resources in the right people, and make informed decisions in the moment. It is more effective and less expensive than traditional ERP and helps you track and process information from customer engagement to inventory procurement, to production, to sales and beyond.

Meet Digital Economy

Our integrated cloud business applications provides you with real-time insights as most allow you to store, update, track, and access data from anywhere at any time using any device. Whether you're at home, office or travelling, you can conveniently work with your data from anywhere you like. With our web-based software, you can do business anywhere, connect with customers, drive efficiency and profitability, and innovate with agility.

Explore Our Enterprise Products

Automated Time & Employee Scheduling and Service Dispatching

Time & Attendance

Allows employees to submit their timesheets and expense reports online, and track time and expense based on projects and tasks. Integrate with your Payroll system, Accounting system, CRM, and other ERP systems.


Workforce Scheduling

Allows companies to manage employees, schedule staff, and streamline leave management. It has all the tools and features growing companies need to help make their teams more efficient, more effective, and more profitable.


Service Dispatcher

Streamlines the entire process of service calls, scheduling, job dispatching, and inventory management, integrating with billing and accounting systems. It combines many features into one unified solution which reduces service costs and enhances customer experience.


Optimized Business Management and Processes

Inventory Management

Increase your product margins by effectively managing your inventory production and movement processes. Manage and track the flow of inventory, maintain proper inventory levels, eliminate out-of-stocks & back orders.


Asset Management

DFS-Sphere Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) reduces unplanned downtimes and increases operational efficiency by offering deeper data analysis.


Sales and Customer Management

Engage customers, and set up quick sales orders and empower timely recording of production. You can search for and display all sales orders according to various criteria. This allows the user to directly select, reschedule and edit ongoing sales orders or query its details.


Why Direct Focus Software


Let the users and their organizations determine their own processes and best practices.


ERP-type platform – one that can quickly add applications and modules and live in the cloud.

Mobile Friendly

Allow users to access the system at any time and from anywhere through desktop PC, laptop, or mobile device.

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