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How to Select Field Service Management Software that Fits Your Business

by Jimmy Chen

Posted on Jan 22, 2021 at 12:00 PM


Service industries are diverse and have varying functionality requirements. Identifying the crucial factors when selecting your ideal service software is key for driving business growth.

Below are the four important areas when choosing service management software:

1. Core Features

An ideal service software should have the following features:

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2. Advanced Features

The leading service management software includes the following advanced features:

Accounting Functionality

Having an accounting module streamlines the billing process and many service management software packages don’t have accounting functionalities. You’ll need to use an interface to connect to accounting software, such as QuickBooks, which is not an easy task to do.

Asset Management

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Manage your assets on customer sites with full service histories, making it easier to oversee periodic service tasks and maintenance obligations, which improves long term equipment operations and uptime.

Customer Engagement

The leading service software offers web portals that enable customers to engage with their service companies: submit new requests, receive notifications of service reminders and appointments, check job statuses, access service histories and view invoices online.

Mobile Friendly

Enable your employees and managers to share information and gain complete workforce visibility at any time and from anywhere through your desktop PC, laptop, or mobile devices.

3. Customization

The best service management solutions support unique features and enhanced functionalities that allow you to customize service processes by identifying the different types of jobs, skills, and equipment involved.

4. Automation

Top service software provides automating processes like invoicing, staff scheduling, time logging, task management and client job approval which help save time, effort and money. Automation also eliminates manual processes in your day-to-day operations.

Look to Direct Focus Software

Direct Focus Software provides a comprehensive service management software that takes care of your CRM, work order, job scheduling, inventory, employee scheduling, and billing & accounting in one central location. It combines all the core features, advanced features, customization and automation you need for growing your business.

Need a custom solution? With our leading system, you can choose to build a service management solution with unique features, enhanced functionalities and customized service processes unique to your business environment from the ground up.