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ERP Software for Small and Mid-Size Manufacturing

Manufacturing ERP Software

Sales Order, Production Management, Purchase Order, Inventory, Accounting in One Central Location
Eliminate Duplicate Data Entries

In small manufacturing, staff often need to enter the same data two or three times into multiple systems. A single ERP system allows data to be entered once and accessible in many areas.

Data Statistics and Analytics

Data analytics provide insight for business owners to view time, cost elements, labor and profit for manufacturing jobs. An ERP system can easily generate resulting data analytics as it combines data collection, calculation, and formatting in one place.

Streamline Production Processes

After enter product specifications, the ERP system performs calculations to generate accurate production documents. Workers input floor data entries. Afterwards, the ERP system creates packaging documents.

Why Direct Focus Service Management Software


Fully customizable and tailored solution to fit your business. Allow you to add unique features and enhanced functionalities and create unique production processes by identifying product specification, production jobs, labor, skills and machines involved.


Automate processes like generating production documents, tracking time, labor and cost of production jobs, creating packaging documents, generating invoices and processing payments.

Mobile Friendly

Enable owners and supervisors to share information and gain complete production visibility at any time and from anywhere through desktop PC, laptop, or mobile devices.

Key Features

Product Specification

Allow you to design and specify product characteristics for customer order, perform calculation and generate production documents for each production job.

Sales Order

Create sales orders, enter product specification, allocate workers, and schedule production jobs.

Production Job

Allow worders to input floor data entries, track time, labor and cost element of each production job.

Purchase Order

Allow you to create purchase orders, manage vendors and enter goods receipts.


Better monitor and control inventory purchasing and movement processes. Tracks items, tracks stock levels, and reduces backorder.

Production Packaging

Allow you to generate packaging documents, create product certificates, bill of lading and print labels.


Alow you to create customer invoices and vendor invoices, track invoice payments


Streamline billing and payment processes. Create accounts receivable and accounts payable documents, bank reconciliation and generate financial reports.