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Direct Focus Software LLC. is a business management software solution firm based in Dallas, TX. The company was founded in May, 2007, and has grown consistently over the past 13 years. We provide customers a highly scalable system which helps client to best organize people and teams to optimize scale; bring together customer, service, expertise and management; and have processes that standardize workflow, communication policies, and responsibilities.


With the power of innovative ODI (Object Data Interpretation) technology, we are able to provide high-quality ERP type solutions: starting with smaller scale, focusing on core modules in key business areas, and scaling up. Our solution is flexible, customizable, and best fit to client’s business environment.


Specialty Practice & New Business Delivery Models

It is Incremental. Start from small, while still making a large impact. Continuous process improvements lead to innovation, new processes, and new business.

It is Measurable. Our solution is unique in its ability to incorporate metrics and measurement parameters. It presents the opportunity for an immediate and material impact on business performance and visibility.

It is Repeatable. Our solution presents a compound benefit where the skill set and competencies gained from the first process deployed can be leveraged to automate and improve multiple processes throughout the organization for years to come.

Efficiency - Control – Agility

Efficiency: delivering more – better, faster, and cheaper than your competition; thus reducing costs, and increasing productivity and profitability.

Control: consistently knowing the outcome of your processes, having visibility into obstacles, and having the means to audit and improve.

Agility: the ability to adapt quickly to changing market conditions & lead market change to stay ahead.


Our goal at Direct Focus Software is to become our client's first choice for business software solutions. To accomplish this, we strive to exceed our client's expectations. DFSW clients cannot simply be satisfied with the job we do… they must be impressed. In this manner, DFSW strives to build lasting partnerships and ensure client satisfaction. It is upon this foundation that our clients are confident in returning for future business solution needs.