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Offshore Developer Alternative - Enterprise Custom Software Solutions

Get the benefits of outsourcing without its risks

Business executives looking for lower cost projects should consider alternatives before outsourcing code development. Built on its innovative ODI (Object Data Interpretation) technology, Direct Focus Software provides custom software solutions to realize the “dream” of creating scalable and flexible solutions quickly at lower cost.

  • Cut project cost by 60% and higher.
  • Reduce project time by 60% and higher.
  • Minimize long term maintenance cost by 70%.
  • Achieve high standard system design and quality product.
Customer satisfaction is always the highest priority

ODI Software Delivery Model achieves customer satisfaction through rapid and continue delivery. Changing environments are embraced at any stage of the process to provide customers with competitive advantage. Features and functionalities are delivered with high frequency. ODI model increases stakeholder engagement, decreases risk of missed objectives, and produces higher quality deliverables and optimal project outcomes.

Efficient and effective communication is key

With software development, communication is key. ODI model converts ideas and concepts to live features in the system through rapid development. The working product facilitates design review and lead to better explanation on what the stakeholders want to build. A final working product is the ultimate result on customer’s idea, input and fine-tuning behaviors with best architectures and design to meet the requirements.

A Scalable System to Keep your Business Competitive, Agile and Effective

Having a scalable platform — one that can quickly add application pieces — is becoming essential. The rapid development platform built upon ODI model is the ideal tool for the dynamic, innovative, rapidly changing businesses of today. It helps businesses deliver more – better, faster, and cheaper than your competition, and allows companies to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and lead market change to stay ahead.

Why Direct Focus Software

We sell solutions and support them

We implement projects on lower cost and less time to help you cut costs and gain a competitive advantage in your industry. Businesses work with us because we emphasize partnership and ensure client satisfaction. We take a long-term view of our relationship instead of focusing simply on a transaction.

Cutting edge enterprise technology

Scalable Platform

The leveraging ODI model makes software applications configurable, flexible, and adaptable: quickly deliver new features, dynamically change business rules, easily adapt to changing business competition, meet unique requirements, and scale to large and small installation.

Deep industry and technology experience

Cloud Base Custom Software Solution

Our professional team bring you decades of experience in enterprise software systems and best business practices. You get a team of experts in your industry, who have deep experienced in custom software solutions and having been through the process many times before.