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Inventory movements and inventory levels

Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Software

Monitor, and better control inventory purchasing and movement processes

DFS-Sphere Inventory helps you increase your product margins by effectively managing your inventory production and movement processes. You can effectively monitor the usage of and adjust the levels of ingredients, raw materials, intermediates, and finished goods, including co-products and by-products.

  • Up to 40% lower procurement costs.
  • Increase of supply readiness by over 95%.
  • Up to 80% inventory reduction .
  • Productivity increase by up to 50%.
  • Up to 50% reduction in lead time.

For more details, please download our DFS-Sphere Inventory Software white paper

Download Inventory Management Software white paper


Ensure materials are consistently available at the right time and place – for higher sales.

Increase business insight with powerful inventory reporting tools.

Improve materials planning and inventory control and decrease safety stock levels to cut inventory costs.

Minimize out-of-stock and shortage situations and endure on-time delivery.


Manage items individually or by group.

Record goods issues and receipts; track the stock transfers.

Assign and track inventory lot and batch.

Manage picking and packing process.

Links directly with MRP functionality to further improve operations.

ERP Alternative Applications

Modules in Direct Focus' ERP Alternative can deployed on a stand-alone basis or they can be integrated into your existing systems or connected to other Direct Focus Software modules to make a comprehensive ERP type system

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